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Information on Apple

Apple Inc. is a multinational American technology business with its main office in Cupertino, California. On April 1, 1976, Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Ronald Wayne established Apple Computer firm. Since then, the firm has expanded to become the largest technological company in the world by revenue, with projected revenues of US$394.3 billion by 2022. As of March 2023, Apple had the largest market capitalization of any firm in the entire world. The Apple II, the company's second computer, was one of the first microcomputers to be mass-produced and a popular seller. In 1980, Apple went public with immediate financial success. Since then, the business has produced computers with cutting-edge graphical user interfaces, such as the original Macintosh from 1984.

Apple suffered significant market share losses throughout the 1990s as a result of the Microsoft Windows operating system duopoly on Intel-powered PC knockoffs. When Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy in 1997, the corporation purchased NeXT to fix its failed operating system strategy and convince Jobs to return. Jobs led Apple back to profitability over the following ten years using a variety of strategies, such as the introduction of the iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad to widespread acclaim, the start of the "Think Different" campaign, and other iconic ad campaigns, the opening of the Apple Store retail chain, and the acquisition of numerous businesses to diversify the company's product line. Tim Cook took over as CEO when Steve Jobs retired in 2011 because to health issues and passed away two months later.

In August 2018, Apple became the first publicly traded U.S. business to surpass a $1 trillion valuation. This was followed by valuations of $2 trillion in August 2020 and $3 trillion in January 2022. It was worth a little over $3 trillion in June 2023. The company has a sizable fanbase and enjoys a high level of brand loyalty despite complaints surrounding the labor practices of its contractors, its environmental practices, and its corporate ethics, including anti-competitive practices and materials sourcing. Additionally, it has consistently been listed as one of the most valuable brands in the world.

Getting instant cashback from Apple whilst using existing discounts, voucher codes, and/or loyalty cards?

Stack up your savings. Make the most of your discounts with Apple, you can use existing discounts, Apple voucher codes, and even most loyalty cards. When you get to the checkout, simply present the gift card code you have purchased through the JamDoughnut app as your payment method.
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