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Information on Bad Brownie

A company called Bad Brownie is dedicated to making the most opulent and delectable chocolate delicacies and lives and breathes brownies. Driven by their faith in their homemade brownies, the creators quit their day jobs at a branding firm. Since then, they have been continuously refining and enhancing their offerings. They take pleasure in using only the greatest ingredients, such as premium almonds, creamy churned butter, and Belgian dark chocolate.

The company believes in the importance of treating oneself properly, thus they are unapologetic about the richness and decadence of their brownies. They are dedicated to using generous amounts of ingredients, making sure that every brownie is flavorful and dense in texture. For instance, while making a peanut butter brownie, they don't just add a small amount; they mix crispy peanut butter into the batter so that you can taste it in every mouthful. Then, they top the finished product with a sprinkle of homemade peanut brittle.

The creators of Bad Brownie founded the brand in 2013 after quitting their professions. Since then, they have had rapid expansion. They have reached numerous London markets, appeared on Dragon's Den, and even introduced a vegan gluten-free brownie. The Covid-19 pandemic presented hurdles, but the brand was able to adapt and flourish, putting its entire business online and experiencing a spike in online brownie sales. In 2022, Bad Brownie will move into a brand-new headquarters and keep innovating with intriguing new brownie recipes.

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Stack up your savings. Make the most of your discounts with Bad Brownie, you can use existing discounts, Bad Brownie voucher codes, and even most loyalty cards. When you get to the checkout, simply present the gift card code you have purchased through the JamDoughnut app as your payment method.
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