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Information on IKEA

IKEA is a multinational business with headquarters in the Netherlands that offers a variety of products and services, including ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, home accents, and other items. Ingvar Kamprad launched the business in 1943, and since 2008, it has held the title of largest furniture retailer in the world. The initials of the founder, Elmtaryd, the farm where he was raised, and the surrounding village of Agunnaryd, where he was raised in Smland, southern Sweden, were combined to form the acronym IKEA.

The business is well known for its minimalist interior design style, modernist furniture designs, and immersive shopping idea. This idea centres on a showroom with furnished room setups that let buyers engage with the products on-site. IKEA has been able to set cheaper pricing than its rivals thanks to ongoing product development, attention to cost management, and the ready-to-assemble model of furniture sales.

IKEA will have 422 stores open in 50 countries as of March 2021. From September 2015 to August 2016, there were over 2.1 billion visitors to the company's website, which houses over 12,000 products. IKEA has a considerable impact on the global market; in fact, it is the world's greatest individual user of wood, accounting for about 1% of all the wood used in commercial products.

Getting instant cashback from IKEA whilst using existing discounts, voucher codes, and/or loyalty cards?

Stack up your savings. Make the most of your discounts with IKEA, you can use existing discounts, IKEA voucher codes, and even most loyalty cards. When you get to the checkout, simply present the gift card code you have purchased through the JamDoughnut app as your payment method.
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