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Save Over £800 A Year

Can we give you a treat but without the calories?

Absolutely, pre-pay your loyalty with the brands you love and get instant cash back. You can do this at the till when you checkout or organise your spend and budget for a week or a month.


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Easy to use

Easy to use

  • Choose the brand and buy in JamDoughnut.
  • Receive instant cash back and then use the code we give you to pay in store, online or in the brands App.
  • Quick, simple and rewarding.

Tell the community about your experience, and leave reviews on your purchases and be rewarded for helping the community.

100s of Brands

JamDoughnut has an awesome choice of brands that appeals to every budget and every occasion.

We help you find what you want and to get the deals you would not expect. Everyday is a treat with JamDoughnut.

We also find you amazing daily deals from a free coffee or discounted bacon sandwich to whose has the best deals on wine this weekend.

Over 100 Brands

Never miss out. Make more!

Never miss out. Make more!
  • £ 100Groceries Every week
  • £ 200Eating out once a month
  • £ 300Buying your Fashion
  • £ 400Once a year holiday

Use your lifestyle to
build your savings




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October 23, 2022

The app is easy to use, vouchers come through pretty quickly and all in all great. Only downside is that I wish it deleted the gift cards once I had used them all up and updated the balances to zero.


Peter Midgley

October 21, 2022

So here is a very new way to save money. Just buy with Jam Doughnut gift cards (any amount) and earn cash back. The biggest rewards are if you 'Pay By Bank' which uses open banking to bypass cards and hence card commission. Clunky to use but will get much better with VRP.



September 23, 2022

In these times, where cost of living is hurting, a credit beating Cashback app really helps. I choose to pay by Apple Pay, gift cards for my ASDA shop are delivered within a few seconds and I have then banked a healthy discount. I had a small hiccup with my payout but James in customer services was on the ball before I even knew there is an issue. A solid and trustworthy operation, clearly wanting to look after their customers.


Stephen Jolley

September 10, 2022

Very good and simple to use with Apple Pay. I’ve saved a lot of money with this. I’d rather they reduced the cash out threshold though, to say a fiver or scrap it altogether like other similar companies. And they’ve gone a bit stingy on some of supermarket rates as of late by reducing it a percentage or two, but can’t really complain!


Saraniya Thayaparan

September 12, 2022

Absolutely stellar service from James! Brought a gift card for a store who then messed me around and James was so helpful with sorting out the refund for the gift card. Thank you so much for not letting me be stuck with a gift card I wasn’t going to use.


diane stepney

June 28, 2022

Love this app. So easy to use. Use for all my regular shopping so earn cash back as well now. Great for getting food vouchers for my son at uni, at least I know it goes on food! So fast too, used many a time when I’ve actually been at the check out or paying in a restaurant as codes come through so quickly. Thoroughly recommend.

Helping With
The Everyday

Everyday we have a special deal from a free coffee, a discount bacon sandwich, whose giving the best discount on wine.

Make sure you are always on top of
where to find the best deals.



Use JamDoughnut at your favourite supermarkets and save each week. Remember our app can be used with your store loyalty card so you never miss out.



Use JamDoughnut to buy the latest fashions and accessories. Remember you get money back on purchases both in store and online.


Eating Out

Use JamDoughnut to pay for that special occasion. Remember our app can be used along with any discounts or special offers.


Take Aways

Use JamDoughnut when you can’t be bothered to cook. Remember you get money back with all the leading takeaway food apps.


Going Away

Get cash back for a simple weekend away to flying away for an amazing break.


Home Improvement

We can help you make your house more a home with those speical touches.

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